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House and Home Online Photo Gallery: "Ingrid Oomen's Favourite Rooms"

House and Home Online TV, "Century Home Update

House and Home Online TV, "Simple Yet Elegant Holiday Home"

House and Home Online TV, "Spacious Bistro Kitchen"

House and Home Online TV, "Open-Concept Country Home"

House and Home Online TV, "'70s Kitchen Renovation"


"Before and After," Cityline, City TV, Toronto, 2014.    

"Best Designer Bathrooms", Marilyn Dennis Show, CTV, Toronto, 2013.    

"Focus on Fireplaces", Steven and Chris, CBC, Toronto, 2011.


Consumer Reports: Kitchen Planning and Buying Guide Special Issue, December 2015, "Dress Up for the



House and Home Special Edition: Makeovers, Fall/Winter 2017, "Best Advice"

House and Home Special Edition: Ask A Designer, 2015, "How Do I Budget For My Kitchen Reno?"

House and Home Special Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Holiday, 2014, "Look No. 3, Winter White" 

House and Home Special Edition: Best Decorating, Fall 2014, "Hits of Black" 

House and Home, February 2014, "Let There Be Light"   

House and Home December 2012, "Magic Touch"

House and Home April 2012, "Sizing Up Sinks"

House and Home February 2012, "The Hot File"

House and Home October 2011, "Kitchens: #3 Classic Bistro"

House and Home April 2011, "Breathing Space"

House and Home EcoLiving, Issue 3, Featured Kitchen

Style at Home September 2019, "Living the Dream"

Style at Home Special Issue: Organizing Ideas 100+ Small Space Solutions, April 2019, "Laundry Rooms: Come Clean"

Style at Home October 2017, "Bathed In Elegance"

Style at Home July 2017, "National Treasures"

Style at Home February 2017, "The New Classics"

Style at Home Special Issue: 100+ Easy Makeovers, 2016, "Kitchens" and "Bathrooms" 

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